Airbag Ready®

4SR Airbag ready

Are you looking for a top-class racing suit that you can use with or without an Airbag?

Then you just found the best on the market. We have created an Airbag Ready® suit that you can use as it comes, with our 18 ergonomically placed Level 2 protectors, including our removable chest and back protectors. Or, if you remove the back and chest protectors, you can wear a standalone airbag vest instead, giving you the ultimate in rider protection and safety.

Thanks to our special cut and location of additional stretch-panels, our latest 1pc suit can accommodate several variants of standalone airbag vests available on the market. All of our standard off-the-shelf 4SR leather suits are manufactured in exactly the same way as the suits produced for our 4SR factory riders. We have always used the same technological processes and materials for both production and custom suits and that ensures we are making the best quality riding gear available to everyone.

Airbag Ready® has been tested by professional racer James Ellison throughout the 2019 BSB season.


• 1.2 mm thick cowhide / Black, Fluorescent Red & Fluorescent Yellow /

• 4SR Elbow Down TECH - replaceable elbow sliders

• Large Kevlar stretch-panels for maximum mobility

• Flexible leather panels without seams – Accordion stretch-panels

• Hollow aerodynamic hump to accommodate rehydration pack

• Level 2 chest and spine protectors included (both must be removed when using an airbag system!)

• Replaceable knee sliders included

• Airbag system not included


AR suit is compatible with In & motion / Ixon Vest IX-Airbag U03, Furygan Fury Airbag System /, Alpinestars Tech-Air®,


AR Airbag Ready® is a trademark registered in the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic