Make your X-mas joyful!

The question of the season is upon us again. Have you been wondering if you'll ever find the perfect gift for that special someone who rides a motorcycle?

Well, the answer is yes! SuperSanta is here to help, and the 4SR e-shop is ready to go. This year, we've got something for every biker on your list.

Check out the new 2024 textile collection, our perfectly fitting and ultra-safe Kevlar jeans, the AAA-certified safety jackets, race-ready suits, gift certificates, and more. You'll find tips on the perfect Christmas gift on every page.




Don't worry if you get the wrong size or if the gift isn't quite right. SuperSanta is a good guy, and he'll exchange any poorly chosen sizes or unsuitable gifts for you up to January 15, 2024. You don't have to worry about the usual 14-day return policy.